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Title 24 – California Energy Code Calculation Service

What is Title 24?

Energy Calculation Service Starts at Just $189

The state of California recognizes the need to enforce energy efficiency standards in new and modified houses or commercial buildings.

Energy efficiency reduces the cost of electricity and its impact on the enviroment.  In addition, energy efficiency improves comfort inside buildings or homes and the access and reliability of electricity across the state.

The state of California enacted the Title 24 Energy Standards Code to ensure every home or building meets the minimum energy efficiency standards.  Therefore,  any new construction or modification project Residential/Commercial requires a Title 24 Energy Standard Compliance calculation to obtain all required construction permits and licenses.


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Title 24

$189 / up to 2500 sq. ft.

  • Title 24 
  • +$0.02 – Per additional Sq. Ft.
  • Up to 2 Minor Revisions
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  • 12 Month Warranty
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What’s The Main Goal?

Title 24 Energy Standards Code is set out to reduce energy consumption across the state. In return, homeowners save money in electrical bills, the state has a healthy and stable economy and the environment receives a reduced negative impact.

The updated 2008 Title 24 Energy Standards Code for residential and nonresidential buildings is expected to reduce the growth in electricity use by 561 gigawatt-hours per year (GWh/yr) and reduce the growth in gas use by 19 million therms per year (therms/yr). These savings are cumulative resulting in 6 times the annual saving over the 3 years to the next Title 24 standard cycle.

Why Leave it to The Experts?

Energy savings and Energy demand savings accumulate each year in a similar manner. Updates and adjustments to the Title 24 standards are performed periodically to account for improvements in conservation technologies, fluctuation in the prices of fuels and energy-conserving strategies, and improved analysis techniques in building energy performance.

In addition, modifications are also made to further improve compliance and enforcement of the Title 24 standards.



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Why WebREPS?
Our team of Energy & HVAC Calculation experts have over 20 years of experience performing these calculations using certified software and are ready to be your Title 24 Consultants. We will perform the Title 24 Compliance Calculation and help you revise any issues or concerns that may need to be addressed within your project to make it Title 24 Compliant.

Our team is continuously training updating their techniques to ensure your calculation meets the very latest requirements, and obtaining your permits is as easy as possible.