Equipment Sizing (Manual S)

A Manual S is a complete equipment selection calculation and report expressed in Sensible and Latent BTUH. The Manual S certifies that your selected Air Conditioning & Heating equipment meets the criteria previously calculated by the Manual J (Heat Load Calculation) & Manual D (Duct Design). Having a Manual S performed is mandatory in most US states to obtain permits for an air conditioning system installation.


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4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Manual S Done

  1. Manual S is a nation wide recognized standard
  2. Producing a Manual S before purchasing your equipment will prevent oversizing and/or undersizing of your equipment.
  3. Starting 2009,  Manual S is a requirement in the International Residential Code (IRC).
  4. When properly sizing your HVAC equipment before purchase,  you are guaranteed to install the right system and lower your energy bills./li>
  5. Manual S Calculation, can answer all your heat pump sizing & air conditioning sizing questions with precision. Rest assured that after having a Manual S Calculation, your Air Conditioning & Heating System will be the sized just right.


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